What progress? Scientific, social, economic, educational and cultural aimed at the sustainability of the cities surrounding Vesuvius

Place and date

Hotel dei Congressi Hotel dei Congressi Hotel dei Congressi Hotel dei Congressi Hotel dei Congressi hosts conferences and accomodates guests in the heart of Castellamare di Stabia. It is easily reachable by car and the railway (Circumvesuviana) that connects Naples with Sorrento. The conference rooms of the hotel are equipped with the modern audio-visual equipment and the logging offers many relaxation amenities.

Hotel dei Congressi

Conference program

In 1995 an evacuation plan for the Vesuvius area was hastily designed by the volcanologists to combat the interdisciplinary risk management feasibility study VESUVIUS 2000. This plan was then promoted through the Italian ministry of Civil Protection and ever since it has been used as the official risk management strategy for the territory. The evacuation plan has been criticized for being unreliable and nothing substantial has been accomplished to improve its deficiencies, adopt other strategies, or involve the Vesuvius area leaders in collaborating on confronting the risk seriously.

The goal of the conference is to address the following issues:




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